UPTIME wins several new gangway contracts

UPTIME heave-compensated gangway

Uptime International has entered into agreement with MAC Offshore Dubai and the Fujian Mawei Shipyard in China for delivery of three active heave-compensated gangways.

The gangways will secure safe passage to and from offshore installations, even in harsh weather conditions. 

Administrerende direktør Bjørnar Huse til venstre og Salgs- og Markedsdirektør Svein Ove Haugen til høyre
Bildet er fra OTC i Houston der avtalen med Mac Offshore ble inngått. (Foto: Pressefoto)

Managing Director Bjørnar Huse (left) and Sales & Marketing Director Svein Ove Haugen at OTC in Houston, where the agreement with MAC Offshore was made.

The first of three gangways will be mounted early 2015 on MAC Offshore's Compact Semi Sub, designed by STX.

The next two gangways will be fitted two new floating accommodation vessels to be built in 2015 and 2016.

– the combination of stable vessel hulls and heave-compensated gangways creates a very safe and secure environment for transport of offshore personnel, as well as reduces downtime and increases productivity.

Uptime International delivered a similar gangway to MAC Offshore Dubai and Fujian Mawei Shipyard last year. This one was mounted on their second Compact Semi Sub, soon to be in charter for Shell Brunei.

– This is the largest contract to UPTIME so far. In light of MAC Offshore being regarded one of the most innovative companies in our industry, we see this repeat order as a very strong vote of confidence, says Svein Ove Haugen.

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