Uptime receives Statoil TRL7 proven technology award

World first TRL7 award for a motion compensated gangway and it is built using CDP

Uptime International delivers active motion compensated gangways that are used for offshore wind and offshore oil exploration.

TRL 7 is Statoil’s highest technology readiness level and the this was achieved for the Uptime 23,4m active motion compensated gangway. During the approval, the gangway was mounted on Island Offshore’s vessel “Island Crown” during a walk to work charter for Statoil. The charter was to perform hook-up and commissioning of the unmanned wellhead platform “Oseberg H” for the “Oseberg Vestflanken 2 development”.

We congratulate Uptime International for this achievement.

Uptime Internationals active compensated gangway control systems are built and maintained using the CDP platform. The award further proves the strength and reliability of the CDP platform for use in mission critical system requiring high reliability.

About CDP Technologies AS:

CDP is developed by automation engineers for automation engineers.CDP Technologies AS is a spin-off from ICD Software AS, a wholly-owned SEAONICS AS subsidiary. A vision to simplify control system development, create reusable and robust components and to increase testing efficiency resulted in the creation of the Control Design Platform (CDP). The company is located in the center of the maritime cluster on the west coast of Norway. The system was initially used to develop mission critical real-time distributed control systems for  use in the North Sea. CDP has since evolved to be suited for a range of industries and application areas.

CDP has evolved from a text based toolbox to become a fully integrated graphical development environment with CDP Studio and is based on CDP Framework release 4.

See more information on the award or see more information on the CDP use case.

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