CDP 3.5 now available

ICD Software has released version 3.5 of the Control Design Platform - CDP.

 A few highlights in this release are:


·         Support for Rich Signals – Ability to furbish signals with metadata about the signal

·         Highly improved solution for Redundancy

·         Support for Dual Ethernet

·         New CDP installer for Linux and Windows

·         A lot of improvements in CDP2Qt – Additional controls and functionality

·         New code generator for both Linux and Windows

·         Updated Function/Signal Generator

·         XML extractor tool and CSV player tool included

·         More demo applications included

·         Bugfixes, stability improvements and enhancements

·         Much better cross platform support – Most importantly the Linux version is now extensively improved

·         RTOS platform support was deprecated in 3.0, and is no longer supported from CDP 3.5

·         CDPNetworkSetup on Windows is now deprecated. Non-existing IP addresses in NetworkInterface fallback to localhost addresses

·         Support for SQLServer in CDP2SQL

·         Cross-browser support for the Web Interface

Please click HERE to download the new version


Performed by Havnevik