Industries Holding history

Industrial Control Design AS (ICD Group) was founded in December 2001. Three years later, ICD established an operative sister company; ICD Projects in order to offer a more comprehensive product portfolio toward clients.
In 2007, ICD Projects was sold to TTS Group and renamed TTS Offshore Handling Equipment (TTS OHE).

ICD has continuously developed the Control Design Platform (CDP) over the past decade. More than 50 mill NOK has been reinvested in development of the core software product.

ICD was restructured and relocated in 2010, and this opened for founders to return to the company. Summer 2011, we established the ICD Group under the registered name ICD Industries AS. It consists of ICD Software AS, partnerships through joint ventures with Marine Aluminium (Uptime International AS); VARD (Seaonics AS) and Ocean Visuals AS.

Director of the Board Christian Testman joined as group CEO, with Christer Valderhaug managing the ICD Software company. SEAONICS is managed by our founder and chairman Stig A. Espeseth, and our former general manager Bjørnar Huse managing the UPTIME company. Ocean Visuals AS was founded as the fourth operating company in the ICD Group, now focusing on advanced laser-based detection, monitoring and real-time analysis.
ICD opened subsidiaries in Estonia and Poland in 2012, focusing on software development and electrical engineering.

In 2012, SEAONICS aquired 34% of Castor Drilling Solution.
In 2013, ICD established operations in Latvia and acquired Faster Imaging AS.

On 16. June 2015, ICD Industries AS sold its 50% stake in UPTIME International AS to Marine Aluminium AS.

On 24. June 2015, ICD Industries AS sold 100% of ICD Software AS to SEAONICS AS, including subsidiaries ICD Polska Sp. Z. o.o, ICD Industries Estonia OÜ, SIA ICD Industries Latvia, Faster Imaging AS and Industrial Control Design AS.

SEAONICS decided to split its subsidiary ICD Software into two, thus creating CDP Technologies in 2016.

As part of the sales agreement of ICD Software with subsidiaries to SEAONICS AS it was decided to change name from ICD Industries AS to Industries Holding AS, effective on 14. November 2016.


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